Our Beers

We brew our own beers!

The Yellow Van

Pale Ale, ABV 4.82%. Brewed in Singapore at The 1925 Brewing Co.

YELLOW VAN (4.82% ABV) is brewed in house by The 1925 Brewing Co. with primarily the hop, Citra. A great session beer, the pale ale maintains a great balance between hops and malt. Expect a slight yeasty nose on the head followed by a malty body with a mildly sweet hint.  This is liquid gold.


Did you know that it’s called Yellow Van because when the founders were younger, their grandfather / father used to ferry them around in his trusty bright yellow van, which he also used to transport his dry goods for his grocery store.

Small Monster

Session India Pale Ale, ABV 4.81%. Brewed in Singapore at The 1925 Brewing Co.

SMALL MONSTER (4.81% ABV) is a session IPA brewed in house by The 1925 Brewing Co.. This hoppy goodness features a robust malt flavour balanced with Cascade hops. A strong ale with a smooth mouth feel and long hoppy trail yet you can still taste a subtle citrus finish at the tip of your tongue. The Small Monster IPA will definitely satisfy your hophead cravings!

Did you know that the name Small Monster was derived from the nickname given to the founders’ uncle, the brewmaster? It was a nickname coined by the nephews when they were much younger so that they could talk about their uncle in front of him and the other relatives without them knowing!

Blk 622

Dark Ale, ABV 5.25%. Brewed in Singapore at The 1925 Brewing Co.

THE BLK622 (5.25% ABV) is brewed in house by The 1925 Brewing Co.. Jet black with a smooth creamy head that floats at the top of our gold rimmed glass. The taste? Bold flavours of double malted barley with a hint of caramel at the tip of the tongue followed by a subtle bitter finish. It’s a thing of beauty.


Did you know we originally brewed the beer so that the ABV is about 6.2% because BLK 622 was the block number of the founders’ father’s/ grandfather’s home!  However, we have reduced the ABV to 5.25% to make it more sessionable.

The General

Fruit Beer, ABV 3%. Brewed in Singapore at The 1925 Brewing Co.

THE GENERAL (3% ABV) is brewed in house by The 1925 Brewing Co.. It is made from a combination of old and young ginger. The flavour is of sharp yet warm, finishing on a sweeter note with explosions of spice on the tongue. It is light bodied, slick texture and is highly carbonated.

Did you know that we wanted to call the ginger beer 双泡姜 (pronounced shuang pao jiang). literal translation is, double boiled ginger? The founder’s father / grandfather loved playing chinese chess, and the “Double Cannon Checkmate” move was one of his favourite moves! And coincidentally in Chinese, it is pronounced the same as “Double Boiled Ginger”!

Manuka Stout

Stout, ABV 6%. Brewed in Singapore at The 1925 Brewing Co.

THE MANUKA STOUT, LIMITED EDITION (6% ABV) is brewed in house by The 1925 Brewing Co. using the old world hop, Fuggle, imparting a mild earthy flavour to the brew. A little bit of espresso is also added to provide a very subtle hint of coffee and to lengthen and intensify the trail of flavours. Finally, our special ingredient – Manuka honey! It is added to ensure a uniform body and to enliven the earthiness of the hop yet not affecting the sweetness.


Did you know we use actual manuka honey in this brew? And because of that, it takes longer for fermentation to work its course and the stout is also aged slightly longer, at least 6 months, to get the flavours we want!

Guest Breweries on Tap

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