8 Reasons to Eat Out During Chinese New Year


8 Reasons to Eat Out During Chinese New Year

Written by Jufinnie Lim & Tan Si Min for The 1925 Brewing Co. on January 2017

The world of craft beer is still very much unexplored in Singapore, where most people would prefer canned beers. However, below are some reasons you should put down your canned beers and explore crafted beer.

1. Pamper yourself and your family

During such festive season of gathering, why not spend such precious time together in a place with nice ambience, and good food. Take a break from the hectic life to enjoy some soothing music and exquisitely crafted food to reward yourself and your family.

The 1925 Brewing Co. Restaurant is open during the CNY holidays!

2. There are restaurants open and till late

Yes! There are! Some restaurants are thoughtful enough to be there for you (hint: we are one of them :D). Open the whole day, everyday during CNY, you will be served with tender care to maximise your holiday enjoyment.

Sit by the bar at the ground floor of The 1925 Brewing Co. Restaurant, right in front of the brewery.
The upper floor of The 1925 Brewing Co. Restaurant.

3. Great Ambience

Free wifi, air-conditioning, relaxing music, and great ambience. So, why not? (:

4. It’s your rare free time!

Yes, you heard me. Time to make use of this rare opportunity to explore something new! New cuisine, new place, new experience, possibly even new friends all in one place!

5. Keep your house clean!

It’s CNY! Don’t let all your spring cleaning efforts go to waste by having an oily and messy kitchen. Let people serve you and take care of your meals.

6. You are different!

Everyone will be eating at home or at fastfood restaurants but not you. You are different. Be different. Perks includes shorter waiting time, and more caring services. For those who are more anti-social, there is only a small crowd so you can stay in your comfort zone at least for this festive season.

7. Spread the prosperity

After receiving so many angbaos you have to treat yourself to something good to start off the great year of abundance and prosperity.

8. Everyone can choose their own food

If you are tired of always eating food that you do not want because it is decided by someone else, eating out is the right choice for you! A wide variety for your selection, there is bound to be food for everyone.

The 1925 Brewing Co. Restaurant is open during Chinese New Year!

The opening hours are as follows:

  • Friday, CNY Eve, 27th January 2017: 10am till 3pm
  • Saturday, CNY Day One, 28th January 2017: 3pm till 12am
  • Sunday, CNY Day Two, 29th January 2017: 10am till 10pm
  • Monday, CNY Day Three, 30th January 2017: 10am till 12am

Call us at +65 6294 9215 or drop us a message on Facebook to make a reservation! Do note that during the Chinese New Year, many of our suppliers will be away, hence, our menus during this time may change and will be limited in stock.