Family Venture


Family Venture

Front cover of Monocle, Vol.8, Issue 86, September 2015. Courtesy of Monocle.
Written by Monocle on September Edition 2015.
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The 1925 Microbrewery & Restaurant: Family venture

Uncle-and-nephew duo Yeo King Joey and Ivan Yeo were so proud of their home-brewed craft beers that they soon began passing bottles around to a few of their friends. From that moment it was only a short time before the demand for more cajoled them to legitimise their passion-project into a bona fide business.

The pair’s answer came in the form of a lofty two-storey restaurant-bar on Jalan Besar, an up-and-coming dining street in Singapore. The elder Yeo, who is an aeronautical engineer by day, presides over the four 600-litre beer tanks that churn out various brews. Crowd favourites include a pale ale, stout, alcoholic ginger beer and a Singapore flag-inspired red-tinged lager that is made with beetroot juice instead of water.